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Oral Care

Indulge. Brighten. Protect.

UnWined is scientifically proven to quickly, safely and discreetly remove Red Wine and other stains from teeth while promoting a brighter, whiter and healthier smile. It is designed to have a neutral taste which will not effect the flavor of your next sip!


UnWined gently and safely removes surface stains while neutralizing the acidity of wine, juice, colas and other drinks which can damage tooth enamel and lead to sensitivity. Simply place the tablet in your mouth, chew  to allow it to dissolve, swirl around your mouth for a few seconds and then swallow. The ingredients will instantly be hard at work neutralizing acids and safely removing stains. Gliding your tonge across your teeth will aid in removing stubborn stains. For severe cases a second tablet may be necessary.


Over 50% of people say a smile is the first thing they notice about a person, so don't let a purple mouth ruin your night out. Your solution is here.




According to the ADA 1 in 8 Americans have sensitive teeth. This hypersensitivity is most commonly found in younger adults, women and people who whiten their teeth.


Wine, beer, colas, tea and energy drinks are all acidic beverages which are known to soften tooth enamel and can also stain teeth. Brushing immediately after consuming these beverages can actually cause severe damage to your enamel.


Diet and lifestyle factors is the #1 cause of acid erosion which depletes the protective enamel layer from teeth. Over time this can cause the teeth to become sensitive, yellow and more susceptible to staining.


Americans spend $1.4 Billion annually to whiten teeth using harsh painful methods, such as peroxides, which damage tissues and actually increase the porosity of teeth, making them more susceptible to staining in the future.


UnWined solves this problem by complexing and removing these staining species and neutralizing acids. UnWined restores your mouth to a healthier pH while safely and discreetly brightening your smile while on the go!


The most common tooth staining items include; Red Wine, Tea (which is the world's  most consumed beverage after water), coffee, blueberries, blackberries, Colas, nicotine, food dyes and colorants, chewing tobacco.


Drink your Reds, keep your Whites and Smile with Confidence.


FAQ's (Frequently asked questions):


How do I use it? UnWined tablets can be used to remove stains and to protect teeth; see below for directions. 

To remove stains - Place the tablet in your mouth and chew. Allow to fully dissolve. Swish it around your mouth and either spit it out or swallow. For stubborn to remove stains you can glide your tongue across your teeth once the tablet is dissolved to assist in stain removal. Repeat if necessary.


To protect teeth and neutralize acids - Place the tablet in your mouth and chew. Allow to dissolve. Swish it around and either spit it out or swallow.


When Do I take it? - You can chew the UnWined tablets whenever you want to remove stains from your teeth; whether it is after a glass of wine, in the middle of enjoying a glass of wine, after tea, coffee, blueberries etc. You can also use UnWined after meals or before brushing your teeth to help protect enamel from abrasion. 


Can I take it before I drink wine? - This product is designed to be used once stains are noticed and not necessarily preventative in nature. There is potential for UnWined tablets to help remove bacteria from your teeth which which may make the staining process take longer to occur or be less noticible.


What flavor is it? - UnWined is essentially flavorless. It has a very mild neutral flavor that is slightly sweet. It has been designed to be used while drinking red wine, so it will not affect the wine tasting experience. 


How long does it take to work? - The product nuetralizes acids almost instantly and should take less than 30 seconds to remove stains using the  to directions described above.


How long does it work? - This is dependent upon each individual's biochemistry and how quickly their teeth typically stain.  Some people may use it once and not need it for the rest of the might, but some individuals may require additional tablets throughout the night. Factors affecting this include how porous the individuals teeth are, quantity and type of bacteria present in the individuals mouth and whether the teeth have demineralized lesions. 


Does it work on Tea? - Yes. The staining caused by red wine is exactly the same as tea. This product has been tested to remove tea stains as well. 


Does it work for other things? - Yes this product has been tested to work to remove stains for Wine, tea, FD&C Blue #1, coffee, colas and berries. We also suggest using this for acid neutralization after eating or drinking anything acidic such as soda, carbonated water, energy drinks, beer, espresso and fruit juices. Also this product is especially useful to be used before brushing one's teeth to ensure that the oral cavity is thoroughly neutralized before applying abrasion as this process can scrape minerals off of your teeth.


Where can I get it? - We are in the process of setting up our distribution network, so please check back. For now we we are taking orders through our website with secure transactions through PayPal.


What is in it? (see below for more detailed explanation of the ingredients)

Xylitol, Calcium Carbonate, PVP, Dicalcium Phosphate,  Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.   Read more on INGREDIENT PAGE


Are these ingredients safe? - Yes all of these ingredients are materials found in common everyday items such as food, toothpaste and other oral hygeine products, and also can be found as excipeints (inactive ingredients) in nutritional, OTC, and pharmaceutical type products.


Where and how should I store my UnWined tablets? - UnWined tablets should remain sealed until use and be stored in a cool dry place. 


My tablets seem to be getting softer over time, why is this? - Make sure that the seal on the product has not been broken.These products attract moisture from the air so if the seal gets broken, over time they will absorb humid air and can get slightly softer. Keep in a cool dry place.



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