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UnWined was born out of casual conversations and glasses of red wine, and the inability to have both without feeling self conscious. If you get purple teeth when drinking red wine you are not alone....





Our Team


Jeffrey Field – Inventor, Co- Founder, CEO


Jeff holds a degree in Chemistry with a biochemistry emphasis from University of Florida. He considers himself a technical problem solver and is always awaiting the next challenge. He has done OTC/Cosmetic product development for global markets for various multinational corporations through his career. Jeff is passionate about oral health and understands the connection between diet and lifestyle factors and the oral health problems affecting society today. He is striving to help the world confidently smile. Jeff is the president and CEO of Unwined Inc.



Dennis Lott – – Co-founder and CFO


Dennis is considered an expert in his field and has over 40 years experience in the OTC/pharmaceutical industry. He has a degree in Chemistry from University of Tennessee. He has served in Director/VP roles in various multinational corporations and has several patents issued and papers published in various technical journals. Dennis is the Vice President and CFO of UnWined Inc.



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